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PyWPS 3.0.0

PyWPS Development team proudly announces a new stable PyWPS version 3.0.0.

Features of this version:

To download this version, please follow the link or check out PyWPS directly from Subversion.

NOTE: This versions processes are not fully compatible with previous versions of PyWPS. However, the upgrade should not be complicated. Please follow the examples from doc/examples/processes/ directory.

What is PyWPS:

PyWPS (Python Web Processing Service) is an implementation of the Web Processing Service (WPS) standard from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC(R)). The main advantage of PyWPS is, that it has been written with native support for GRASS GIS, however, GRASS GIS is not required. Access to GRASS modules via the web interface should be as easy as possible. Processes can be written using GRASS GIS, but usage of other programs, like R package, GDAL or PROJ tools, is possible as well.

Happy GISing!

Jachym & PyWPS Development team