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PyWPS 4.0.0 released

The PyWPS Development team announces the release of PyWPS 4.0.0.


Features of this version:

To download this version, please go to http://pywps.org/download


PyWPS-4 is completely rewritten from scratch - the logic of process definition remained the same, but processes are not compatible with previous 3.x version.

What is PyWPS:

PyWPS (Python Web Processing Service) is implementation of Web Processing Service standard from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC(R)). Processes can be written using GRASS GIS, but usage of other programs, like R package, GDAL or PROJ tools, is possible as well.

You can find more in our PyWPS-4.0.0 presentation on SlideShare

Happy GISing!

PyWPS Development team

P.S. Happy birthday, Jorge!