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RFC 1: Project Steering Committee Guidelines


This RFC describes the PyWPS Project Steering Committee rules of engagement and decision making process for all aspects of the project.

Examples of PSC responsibilities:

In brief the project team votes on proposals on the pywps-dev mailing list. Proposals are available for review for at least two days, and a single veto is sufficient to delay progress though ultimately a majority of members can pass a proposal.

Detailed Process

When is a Vote Required?


Committee Membership

The PSC is comprised of individuals who are:

Adding Members

Any member of the pywps-dev mailing list may nominate someone for committee membership at any time. Only existing PSC members may vote on new members. Nominees must receive a majority vote from existing members to be added to the PSC.

Stepping Down

If for some reason a PSC member is not able to fully participate then they are free to step down. If a member is not active for a period of 12 months then the committee reserves the right to seek nominations to fill that position. PSC members who have stepped down or have been replaced are openly welcome to return upon nomination.

Membership Responsibilities

Guiding Development

Members should take an active role guiding the development of new features they feel passionate about. Once a change request has been accepted and given the go ahead to proceed does not mean the members are free of their obligation. PSC members voting +1 for a change request are expected to stay engaged and ensure the change is implemented and documented in a way that is most beneficial to users. Note that this applies not only to change requests that affect code, but also those that affect the website, technical infrastructure, policies and standards.

Meeting Attendance

PSC members are expected to participate in pre-scheduled virtual meetings. Initial frequency is set once every two weeks. Meeting information shall be maintained on the PyWPS wiki. Meetings are usually organized through Google Hangout, but can also be organized using IRC, in the #geopython channel at freenode.net.

Mailing List Participation

PSC members are expected to be active on the pywps-dev mailing list. Non-developer members of the PSC are not expected to respond to coding level questions on the pywps-dev mailing list, however they are expected to provide their thoughts and opinions on user level requirements and compatibility issues when RFC discussions take place.


Prior to the PSC anointing itself the PSC this RFC must be distributed before the PyWPS community via the pywps-dev mailing list for review and comment. Any and all substantive comments are encouraged to be discussed via the pywps-dev mailing list or Meetings.

Initial PSC members are (in alphabetical order):

Initial Chair of PSC is Jachym Cepicky


Status: final

Approved on 2016-02-24 as per https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/pywps-dev/2016-February/000519.html